best Swing hanging kit


What makes this swing hanging kit unique.


Our products are made from high quality materials to provide you the best experience. The 10 ft. long strap is made from the best nylon available on the market and can hold up to 1000 lbs. Our carabiner is tested to hold over 4000 lbs. and also have a safety lock.


Due to our innovative strap cover the strap is protected from the friction of frequent use. This way it last longer than any similar product on the market.

free e-book

Because we believe in spending quality time with family and having fun with them, we offer you this free Do-It-Yourself Swing e-book. Now you can build your own swing together with the loved ones.

environmentally friendly

We care about nature and the needs of tree owners, that is why we designed the Amazing Swing Hanging Kit not to harm the trees in any way. You don’t need to use any nails, screws or bolts to fix the strap.